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We are a Technological Solutions Company, based in Pune, Maharashtra. We specialize in providing Industrial Grade Solutions in various fields such as Mechanics, Automobile, Agriculture etc.


At NK Technologies we provide advanced manufacturing services to individuals and firms. We have an amazing team of engineers and experts who assist our clients in better understanding advanced technologies such as AI, ML, Photo Maninpulation etc. to better their existing products or upcoming concepts. We actively parrticipate in the R&D, Product Design and provide manufacturing to help bring your product to reality.

Our Vision

Our vision for NK Technologies comes from the void we saw in the Manufacturing Sector. There are some brilliant people out there with brilliant ideas. However they have no idea how to bring these ideas to life or how to create an impactful product out of those ideas.
It's that void we have set out to fill. We want our clients to come up with their crraziest, wildest ideas and we intend to make those ideas into best-seelling products. Our current products are being sold via more than 500 dealers via 16 distributors.